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Struggling with long-standing lower limb problems, such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon problems or IT band problems?

Then our gait analysis service may be the answer for you. Our gait analysis service can also help prevent injuries and improve your running performance.

As the only clinic in West Yorkshire and indeed only a handful of clinics in the north of England that has access to the high end RS Footscan and Phits Orthotics system.

Our Leeds clinic is proud to offer this groundbreaking analysis service to deal with your problems, and help you get out of pain and back to full function as soon as possible. Our expert Chartered Physiotherapists are highly trained in the gait analysis system and orthotic prescription and are at hand to help you with your pain or injury prevention goals.

What is Gait Analysis and what do we offer?

We offer a comprehensive service which looks at your biomechanics and will identify issues that will both lead to you having issues as well as give you a solution to fix problems that have been there for some time. Some people also use our gait analysis service to prevent injuries and improve their performance.

During the analysis session, you will be analysed on our cutting edge Footscanner which has thousands of sensors, tracking how you hold yourself, how you balance, and what you do as your body transitions over your feet as you stand, walk and run.

The computer analysis, highlights your weight distribution and any excess pressure that parts of your foot is experiencing that can lead to pain and movement problems.

The information the computer analysis gives us, combined with our physical assessment of your strength and mobility, gives you a comprehensive approach to dealing with any injury or pain in the foot, ankle, knee and hips. even spinal issues can be helped.

Once we have identified your issues and how your movement is contributing to this, we will offer you the best solution going forward. If needed, we will prescribe both strength and mobility exercises after the session to get you started as well as the revolutionising Phits Orthotics.

Phits orthotics testimony | Indergaard Physiotherapy

The Phits 3D printed Orthotic – the only dynamic orthotic

Should Orthotics be a solution to improve how you move and reduce pain. Our system uses the 3D printed Phits Orthotics, used by many of the top marathon runners in the country. Even Paula Radcliffe has used this system to enable her to return to running after injuries.

The Orthotics are 3D printed and highly customised based on the reading on the footplate making them unique, as they are based on dynamic assessment and not like traditional orthotics which are done statically. They are lightweight, thin and will fit into any shoe. In fact, there are different sizes of insoles, whether they are meant for work, running, cycling or skiing.

If you have any further questions regarding our gait analysis service or the Phits Orthotics please do not hesitate to contact us on the form below and one of our Phits Experts will be more than happy to phone you and discuss any aspect with you now.

Should you wish to book your appointment then please go onto our online booking or phone 0113 286 0333.

What to expect in your consult?

When you attend for your initial consultation here at Indergaard Physiotherapy, you will be taken through our thorough assessment process, where we will find the root cause of your pain. Your therapist, in partnership with yourself, will form a plan for how we aim to get you pain free and back to full function as soon as possible.

This can include hands on therapy, Shockwave Therapy, Laser Therapy, movement re-education and rehabilitation, as well as exercises. Our goal is to give you the best possible care to enable you to move better and feel great as soon as possible.


Our Initial Consultations last up to 60 minutes to make sure you receive a thorough examination and that we can start your treatment straight away so we can start you on your journey to get better.

We accept cash and all major debit and credit cards.

Our initial consultations are usually 60 minutes long and our standard treatment sessions are 30 minutes long. Occasionally we need longer sessions if we are treating multiple problems and this will be discussed and agreed with you before booking.

There is free parking just outside the clinic.

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