Looking for Crossfit Physiotherapy in Leeds?

Crossfit has over the last few years become one of the fastest growing sports and exercise regimes in the world. It puts unique demands on the body from repetitive, complex movements and loading.

At Indergaard Physiotherapy in Leeds we understand the requirements that the body needs to work optimally, and what is required to be strong, healthy and injury free whilst enjoying your time at the box.

Our approach is to identify the underlying issues that are causing your pain, provide you with world class treatment, and give you the exercises and tools you need to help yourself. We assess the whole body to fully understand how you move and if there are limitations in your strength, mobility or movements that are causing pain, or limiting your progress.

We have looked after numerous crossfit athletes for several years and understand how to get people better, and also show you how you can continue to train whilst rehabilitating from an injury.

If pain or mobility problems are limiting how much you can lift or indeed stopping you from enjoying your Crossfit then you need to get in touch to see how we can help.

What to expect in your consult?

When you attend for your initial consultation here at Indergaard Physiotherapy, you will be taken through our thorough assessment process, where we will find the root cause of your pain. Your therapist, in partnership with yourself, will form a plan for how we aim to get you pain free and back to full function as soon as possible.

This can include hands on therapy, Shockwave Therapy, Laser Therapy, movement re-education and rehabilitation, as well as exercises. Our goal is to give you the best possible care to enable you to move better and feel great as soon as possible.


Our Initial Consultations last up to 60 minutes to make sure you receive a thorough examination and that we can start your treatment straight away so we can start you on your journey to get better.

We accept cash and all major debit and credit cards.

Our initial consultations are usually 60 minutes long and our standard treatment sessions are 30 minutes long. Occasionally we need longer sessions if we are treating multiple problems and this will be discussed and agreed with you before booking.

There is free parking just outside the clinic.

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