Are you looking for physiotherapy and other health services in Leeds?

Here at Indergaard Physiotherapy we have a range of services and treatments to get you moving, healthy and happy again. Whether you have an injury, chronic pain or are just looking to move better, we can help!

Our team of professional Chartered Physiotherapists are passionate about finding solutions to your problem that will treat the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms.

You can view our range of services on offer below that we may use in your consultation to address your condition. Our Physiotherapists will tailor your appointment for the best possible outcome for you personally.


Looking for a Physiotherapist in Leeds?

Our staff are highly qualified Chartered Physiotherapists (CSP) and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). We specialise in Tendon problems, Back and Neck pain, Knee and Shoulder Pain and Sports Injuries.However we treat a wide range of conditions so whether it’s a new injury or a long term chronic issue, we treat pain and injuries from head to toe.

Sports Physiotherapy

In need of a Sports Physio?

At Indergaard Physiotherapy, we understand the demands sports puts on your body, but also how important it is for people to stay active whilst receiving treatment and progressing through their rehabilitation. Our expert sports physiotherapists will assess your problem, and give you all the information you need to ensure your recovery is as smooth as possible.

Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Just had an operation and looking to get back on your feet?

Did you know that what you do before surgery is as important as what you do after? If you are going in for surgery soon, we can help to restore your mobility and strength to get you ready for the surgery. The better you are before going in for surgery, usually the recovery is smoother and a more successful outcome is achieved.

Crossfit Physiotherapy

Need a Crossfit Specialist Physio?

At Indergaard Physiotherapy in Leeds we understand the requirements that the body needs to work optimally, and what is required to be strong, healthy and injury free whilst enjoying your time at the box. Our approach is to identify the underlying issues that are causing your pain, provide you with world class treatment, and give you the exercises and tools you need to help yourself.

Workplace Wellbeing & Corporate Physiotherapy

Looking for a Physio to visit your workplace?

Corporate wellness should be an integral part of any business structure. With the overall aim of keeping your most important assets functioning well, its people. Research has shown that a continual high performance in a corporate world requires a good physical health and wellbeing. Pain, Illness and injury of any kind will affect your team’s ability to do their job.

Shockwave Therapy

After some Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave Therapy is a new breakthrough in technology that allows us to treat longstanding chronic tendon problems, such as achilles tendinopathy and calcific shoulder tendonitis, in a fast and effective way. The technology is based on lithotripsy, which has been used for many years to treat kidney stones. Shockwaves refers to mechanical pressure pulses that are focused on the injured area using a special applicator.

Dry Needling

Looking for Dry Needling or Acupuncture?

As muscles are thought to be the primary contributing factor to the symptoms, Dry Needling can be used for a variety of musculoskeletal problems. Such conditions include neck, back and shoulder pain, arm pain, headaches, jaw pain, TMJ disorders, buttock pain and leg pain, even pain associated with osteoarthritis of the joints. The treatment of muscles has a great effect on reducing pain mechanisms in the nervous system.

Anatomy in Motion

Wanting to move a little easier?

Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a unique and groundbreaking assessment and treatment method that evaluates your body as a complete system. It has the goal of identifying and treating the underlying cause of your problems. Not just the area that is painful. The way you hold yourself, your current ability to move and your pain is all part of your journey and we take the time to understand you and your body.

Sports & Remedial Massage

Have you got sore muscles from sports?

Sports Massage is an effective technique for releasing tension and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system. It is often used in conjunction with other services in the treatment or rehabilitation of injury as well as an integral part in any athlete or fitness enthusiast regular maintenance.

K-Laser Therapy

Looking for k-laser therapy?

We are one of only a few clinics in the whole of the United Kingdom have the Class 4 K-Laser Cube 4. All our Physiotherapists professionally trained in the use of this advanced system for treating pain and maximising healing. K Laser Therapy, or “photobiomodulation”, is the use of specific wavelengths of light (red and near-infrared) to create therapeutic effects.

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