Has your joint replacement surgery been postponed due to COVID-19?

Due to the shifting priorities during the current COVID-19 situation all elective surgeries such as hip and knee replacements have all been put on hold. This has left a lot of people frustrated and anxious as it is uncertain when they can get the help they sorely need. 

The good news is that there is a way that you can take control of the situation to help yourself. The upside to the current situation is that you can start a progressive exercise program tailored to your condition and your needs. Not only has this been shown to improve your ability to recover once you have had your surgery, but it is also a great way to lower your pain and improve your function and your movement. The saying is ‘The stronger you go into surgery… the stronger you come out’.

Everyone who is due to go in for joint replacement surgery should undergo a period of strengthening and getting fitter. Sadly, this doesn’t happen for everyone. The people we work with before their operation, get fitter and stronger, and some can delay the surgery for a considerable amount of time and in some cases avoid it all together. 

The benefits of a progressive strengthening program:

  • A reduction in pain
  • Improvements in Strength
  • Increased ability to do your day to day tasks 
  • A sense of control over your own body

The upside of being stuck at home and with extra time on your hands is that most of the exercises we prescribe for people can be done with no extra equipment and can be tailored to your surroundings quite easily. (Sometimes we require small, inexpensive equipment such as stretchy bands which can easily be ordered online) There is no need for expensive exercise equipment and spending hours in the gym. 

In the current situation we are offering people access to our online video consultations. Here we will take the time needed to get a through assessment of your current situation and problem and prescribe you with your tailored program through our excellent  and very user friendly exercise app, Physitrac.


If you would like to know more, or even book in for your session. Please go to https://www.indergaardphysio.com/services/online-physiotherapy-consulting/ or phone us on 0113 286 0333.


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