If you have found your way to this page it is highly likely that you have some kind of injury, pain or limitation in your movement and function?

Here at Indergaard Physiotherapy our passion is to get you moving more with more ease and flexibility to enable you to live your life to the fullest without pain and limitations.

Our philosophy is to find the root cause of your problems through our thorough assessment and diagnosis, find the fastest way to alleviate it, then work with you to prevent it reoccurring.

Our staff are highly qualified Chartered Physiotherapists (CSP) and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). We have specialists in all areas from heel to toe, so whether it’s a new injury or a long term chronic issue, we can help you.

If you are suffering from aches and pains which stops you in your tracks then you need to get in touch. Our Physiotherapists would be more than happy to speak with you prior to making an appointment.

Back Pain

Are you experiencing Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common conditions we treat in the clinic. If you are suffering with debilitating back pain that is stopping you from even sitting or standing comfortably, we can help. Our goal is to relieve your pain as fast as possible and keep you pain free for the long term.

Foot & Ankle Pain

Hurt your Foot or Ankle?

When you get problems in the foot and ankle, it often has a huge impact on your life. A sprained ankle or pain in the achilles will alter how you walk, which can become very limiting in how you enjoy life. So getting it looked at and finding the source of your problem is very important.

Hip Pain

Have you got Sore Hips?

Are you getting pain in your hip when walking? Do you get any pain when twisting or bending in your hip which may spread into the leg? We can help you relieve your pain and restricted movement. The hip is a very important part of the body as it supports the lower limb and also works with the pelvis to position the upper body on top of the lower legs.

Heel Pain

Experiencing Heel Pain?

Heel pain is a term that is often used to describe pain in and around the heel. Usual symptoms are often pain when standing for long periods, walking, as well as getting out of bed. Commonly the pain is there as soon as you put your foot down on the ground in the morning but can go off after a few minutes, and can then come back later in the day depending on activities such as standing or walking.

Elbow Pain

Sore Elbows?

Our approach to treating elbow pain is to look at reasons why you may be overworking your forearm and elbow muscles. We know that there is a strong link between shoulder and wrist issues, so our first consultation we will give you a full assessment and together we will make a plan for how we can get you pain-free as soon as possible.

Shoulder Pain

Suffering from Shoulder pain?

We understand how much shoulder pain can affect your life from the little things like dressing, to work and even how it affects your sport and exercise. We are experts at treating shoulder problems and aim to get you pain free and back to full function as soon as possible. We know what to look for and will get to the source of the problem which not only will get you out of pain quickly, but will also ensure that you stay out of pain for the long term.

Knee Pain

Injured your knee & have pain?

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort on going up and down stairs, during walking or during more strenuous activities such as running or sports. Our Chartered Physiotherapists will use their extensive knowledge about the lower limbs to give you the treatment and exercises that will make sure you get relief from your problems for the long term.

Running Injuries

Finding it hard to Run?

When we first meet our clients it is paramount that we understand as much as we can about the various things that could have led to your injury. So our first consultation we need to know about your previous injuries (the number one predictor for getting an injury is that you have had an injury before), your training, and we also take into account other things in your life about how your work and lifestyle can affect your running too.

Erectile Dysfunction

Not quite working like it should be?

Shockwave therapy can help patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction obtain a spontaneous, sustainable erection and even improve erections in men with no issues to prevent erectile dysfunction. It is compatible with other treatments for erectile dysfunction so there is no need to stop any ongoing treatment.

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