4 tips for reducing stress on your body when working from home

Our current situation with increasing numbers working from home, several people have been having to accommodate and adjust to new positions and settings at home. Often people are now having to sit through hours of video conferencing and telephone meetings, and placing unique pressure on their bodies during this time.

Indergaard Physiotherapy have been working in the online space for some time now, and we are passionate about giving people expert diagnosis, treatment and advice. We know how we can optimise the impact of an online consultation and we are getting great results. Our aim is to get you the help you need, and where you are.

Working from home often means you end up moving less, and sitting in unusual postures. This can result in aches and pains and bring on stress and anxiety. At this time, looking after your mental and physical wellbeing is of vital importance. And as such, often it is the simple things that can make a big difference.

  • Making sure you stay well hydrated by drinking water throughout the day
  • Making sure you take some gentle exercise, such as a walk in fresh air, and if you can, occasionally do some exercise to get your heart rate up. This is great for that endorphine release which gives you the ‘feel good’ sensations.
  • Optimising your home workspace and environment is key and this is one of the things we can help with.

Check out the checklist below and see how many of these things you can say yes to, the aim is to say yes to as many of theses as you can. And if there are any no’s then see what you can do to turn them into a ‘yes’:

Is the room you work from quiet with some daylight and good ventilation?

When you sit at your desk:

  • Are you sat so that your arms are down by your sides when your hands are on the keyboard?
  • Is the top of the screen at your eye level, and is it approximately an outstretched arm away from you?
  • When sat on your chair, are your knees lower than your hips and your feet on the floor?

The aim of a good set up is to minimise the stress on your body whilst you are working. So having a good set up is key, and there are things that can improve things further;

  • Having a chair that can adjust the back angle and seat angle – most standard office chairs can do this.
  • Do you have access to a separate keyboard and mouse if working from a laptop.
  • Finding a space where you can stand up whilst working can help to offload tired muscles. Standing also allows you to move around a little whilst working which also improves blood flow.
  • Making sure you take regular breaks from the computer screen and give your body a ‘movement snack’. This can be standing up stretching to the ceiling and then down to the floor, doing some press ups, a few squats etc. Anything that will get some blood flow moving around the body and offloading tired muscles. A little certainly goes a long way here.

We are experts at helping people find solutions, we can help with your set up, and help you if you are in pain. If you want any further information about how we can help or you want to book in then please contact us on 0113 286 0333.

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