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Welcome to Indergaard Physiotherapy.

Here at Indergaard Physiotherapy in Leeds, West Yorkshire, our highly qualified Physiotherapists take pride in offering a different approach.

We have a passion for helping people, and we combine this with our unique, cutting edge assessment and innovative treatments to get great results for our clients. Every client received a highly tailored one to one service, where we find the best solution to get you out of pain fast, and help you back to physical health, optimal performance and happiness. We will help you get better, and stay better for the long term.

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Our Passion

We love what we do and we love to help people get out of pain and back to what they love

Our Approach

We take a highly individualised approach to your treatment, and we believe every person who asks for our help is unique and needs a specialised plan that works for them.

Our Innovation

We use innovative technology and equipment in our assessments and treatments for the most effective results. We are leading experts in Shockwave Therapy and our clinic is a centre of excellence

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We are committed to delivering 5 star service at Indergaard Physiotherapy.
Below are few of our realtime reviews direct from Google.

After suffering with a recurring lower back issue for months, Ally at Indergaard has been absolutely brilliant in diagnosing and addressing the various causes. I was particularly apprehensive about an upcoming snowboarding trip, but enjoyed the week completely pain free after working through the treatment and tailored exercise plan she created for me. She provided me with a sustainable programme that I can incorporate into my gym work, which allows me to train consistently and without pain, which at one point I didn't think was possible. Everyone at Indergaard is super friendly and professional, can't recommend enough!

James Bentham Avatar James Bentham
March 23, 2022

Having had back pain for many years following sport injuries and slipped discs, and multiple treatments from many different people (Chiro,Osteo, Physio...) i had pretty much lost hope that it could be fixed. I decided to try again and thankfully came across Ove at Indergaard Physiotherapy! He identiied to root cause and after a few months of treatments the outcome was fantastic. Some of the sessions were pretty painful 🙂 however once i finished treatment, the pain had completley gone and i felt like a new person! Now 18 months after finishing, i am still pain free and back to my mobile self. Can't recomend them enough!

david navin Avatar david navin
August 23, 2021

I have been battling with achilles, calf and hip flexor issues for so long, I'd almost given up on my running goals and, on finding physiotherapy I could believe in. My confidence has totally restored with this practice. No stone is left unturned. Highly recommended. I found a gem stone.

jane halloran Avatar jane halloran
August 23, 2021

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