Anatomy in Motion

Are you in pain? Do you have unresolved niggles, pain and feel restricted? Have you seen a variety of healthcare professionals that have targeted just the site of pain and it keeps coming back?

Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a unique and ground breaking assessment and treatment method that evaluates your body as a complete system. It has the goal of identifying and treating the underlying cause of your problems. Not just the area that is painful.

We believe that the pain you are experiencing is as a result of your habits, movements and traumas over a period of time. The way you hold yourself, your current ability to move and your pain is all part of your journey and we take time to understand you and your body.

After going through your injury history we will take you through a thorough assessment which includes observing how you move, video gait analysis as well as perform specific tasks and explore your movement. We use the top of the range AmCube FootWork Pro to scan your feet and your movement from the ground up. Putting all of this information together we can find out what is the source of your pain and what we need to work on to get you better.

We apply our observations to the Flow Motion Model, which is a map of human function during the gait cycle, so that we can identify the areas that is blocking your body from moving freely. The Flow motion model sees that the individual parts of the human body does not function in isolation. During movement and activities, all your joints, ligaments and muscles work together and they all depend on all of them to play their part

Your body does not like to be in pain but has chosen for you to experience pain to drive you to change how you move. Issues like poor posture, traumas or lifestyle habits can cause changes to how you move and cause your body to be out of balance with itself which can lead to pain down the line. If the body starts to protect one body part it reduces the movement capability in the joints and muscles, which causes compensations elsewhere.

Through the AiM process we identify your often unknown limitations and guide you to restore lost movement through movement and other therapeutic approaches to bring your body back into balance where you can experience pain free movement.
Our goal is to help you get back to doing everything you want, this can be playing with the kids, being involved in sport or just a walk in the park. The body has an amazing and we think an unlimited ability for healing itself but sometimes it needs a little help to get it heading in the right direction.

Your initial Anatomy in Motion session lasts 90 minutes to enable us to find the solution to your problems and start you on your journey back to health.

Let us put the spring back
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