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About Indergaard Physiotherapy

At Indergaard Physiotherapy we offer a different approach to Physiotherapy. Our passion for getting helping people, together with our unique and cutting edge assessment and treatment approaches has been helping people get rid of pain specially the back pain, regain their full function to live a life full of vitality. We prioritise a highly individualised one on one approach for our clients and use innovative and evidence based approaches to return you to pain free optimal performance and function.We believe in giving our patients to skills to help themselves so that together we can work towards getting you moving better and feeling better.

The foundation of optimal health comes through movement and exercise. We help people get back on track when pain injury or accidents prevent them from enjoying their optimal health
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We believe treating you is so much more than just giving you relief from pain. We are passionate about getting you moving better, breathing better and more being more active. We believe your body has an amazing potential to heal, and we can help you unlock that potential to give your body back the freedom it used to have before injuries and pain set in. To find out how we can help you or to book an appointment, please give us a call.

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We pride ourselves in our approach to your problem. We consider multiple factors in determining the underlying reasons for your pain and we are not satisfied by merely providing you with pain relief.

We will consider every part of your life, your previous injury history, and assess how you breathe, balance, move and function and provide you with a solutions based approach that focuses on you as an individual as we believe every person needs a different approach to getting better. We believe the life you have lead has lead you on a unique journey and that the problem you are faced with now is as a result of this. So the unique problem requires a unique solution.

Walk into the Leeds physiotherapy clinic particularly if you are looking for physiotherapy for back pain and we will provide you with hands on treatment, and a comprehensive rehab program to enable you to get efficient and long lasting relief of pain, putting you back in control. If you are looking for the best physiotherapy clinic in Leeds, York and Castleford area, please reach out to us now and say good bye to all your pain and injuries.

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